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Frank's Sport Shop, Inc.

430 E. Tremont Ave.
Bronx, New York 10457
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Frank‘s Sport Shop



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Frank’s Sport Shop, a family-owned and operated New York icon since 1922, is the Bronx‘s leading athletic outfitter of professional, college, high school and semi-pro athletes. Known in both professional and amateur markets for its wide selection and competitive pricing, Frank‘s now offers its entire line of athletic gear and clothing for baseball, football, soccer, boxing, basketball and more on

Frank‘s Sport Shop also carries a full line of hunting and fishing equipment and gear and is an authorized New York State Department of Conservation License issuing agent.

In addition to our sports gear, uniforms and clothing, Frank‘s also offers a complete industrial uniform department with in house embroidering and screen-printing.

Frank’s sells uniforms for the U.S. Postal Service, New York Police, Corrections, Sanitation, and Parks and Recreation departments. We are also authorized Boy Scout and Cub Scout suppliers and work with theatrical and advertising agencies to fill any uniform or equipment needs.


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French Montana Returns Home





Home to the Bronx and Frank’s Sport Shop. He came to Frank’s Sports Shop to shoot some footage for his new recording. WHAT A VISIT! While talking to Moe (Frank’s Sport Shop’s owner) in front of the store; he drove a crowd of over 100 fans. Every fan seemed to have a camera or cell phone; they were all busy snapping pictures.

French Montana placed his gold and silver chains around Moe’s neck, Moe replied was “This is too heavy for little me”. It must feel good coming back to your child hood roots, visiting the store where you did your shop around or just looking at their windows with a wish list.

French Montana is not only a talented person but also kind. He saw a gentleman looking at Frank’s Sport Shop’s window display. He asked him, what he was looking at and the gentleman pointed to some new 2012 Timberland boots. It seems that French Montana remembers what was like to look and desire something. Therefore, he went into Frank’s Sport Shop with the looker and bought him the boots and some socks. That says a lot for “French Montana”.

The Bronx community and Frank's Sports Shop are very proud for Mr. Montana success. We all know Mr. Montana keep us all in his heart. We wish you the best of luck and prosperity in your career. God bless you!

The Blue Socks Baseball Team Visit from The Netherlands


"We had a really good time at your shop a few days ago.

We are now back in the Netherlands again.

Thanks again for your story's and your hospitality."

Greetings "The Blue Socks Baseball Team"

We love all our friends, whether from the Bronx or other borough. A special hug to those from far away. Thanks to all our 14 friends that came to visit us from the Netherlands. When visiting the Bronx from out of state come and say "hello" we love it, and receive a gift.