Price: $129.99
93% Nomex 5% Kevlar 2% P-140 Carbon
Price: $175.99 $180.00

MID-WEIGHT Suitable for mild or colder winter climates ranging 25F to 40F

Price: $278.99 $290.00
This garment was originally used by Midshipmen (Reefers)
Price: $334.99
Bring out your personality with our men's wool car coat.
Price: $348.99 $360.00
Stylish Leather trim details at the seams and a red satin lining.
Price: $324.99
Excellent quality, construction, and fit. Nice tailoring provides a fitted silhouette.
Price: $234.99 $249.99
The Woolrich 503 Hunting Coat: Keeping generations of outdoors men warm.
Price: $445.00
Woolrich is an American Tradition. Making quality wear for the whole family since 1830, that's 180 years of fabrics, yarn and dedication.
Price: $123.99 $125.00
Warm & Comfortable to Work With!
Price: $373.99 $385.00
Wool blend slim fit silhouette defines a timeless peacoat to achieve a clean cut appearance.