• ROMLB Official MLB Baseballs Dozen

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ROMLB Official MLB Baseballs Dozen

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Rawlings ROMLB Official Major League Baseball Dozen are perfect for you to track down your favorite player and get an autograph.

These official Major League Baseballs are signed by the Commissioner Allan H. Selig and are perfect for baseball play at all levels and perfect for you to track down your favorite player and get an autograph.

Extra Innings Technology

From the worldwide leader and innovator in baseballs since 1974, comes Extra Innings Technology (EIT)

Rawlings has always stood for unmatched quality and performance. As evidence, EIT baseballs are used at the highest level of collegiate play, including the NCAA College World Series, NJCAA and NAIA championships as well by countless high schools and youth leagues. Extensive testing has shown that EIT baseballs are hands down, superior to traditional balls. The bottom line: EIT baseballs last longer and perform better in a wide of variety of conditions.

  • EIT CONSTRUCTION: EIT baseballs contain a patented, thin, polymer layer just under the cover which resists the damaging effects of moisture (liquid and vapor) on not only durability but also performance. This Layer also plays a key role in maintaining the ball’s firmness.
  • LONGER LASTING: A key benefit of EIT is longer life versus traditional balls. This is measured by the compression or firmness of the ball. Even after 100 hits. EIT baseballs experienced only a 35% drop in compression whereas traditional baseballs lost 53% of their original compression. The benefit? Performance on the field is maintained much longer with EIT.
  • ALL CONDITION PERFORMANCE: Another major benefit with EIT is consistent performance under a wide variety of conditions. Humidity plays a major role. Extensive testing has proven that baseballs can gain weight and lose performance depending on humidity levels. At 80% relative humidity, a traditional baseball can gain over 1/3 ounce in weight and drop below specified C. O. R. levels.
  • MOISTURE REPELLENT: Lastly, Extra Innings Technology protects against the most obvious environmental enemy of baseballs … water. EIT polymer layer restist water from being absorbed into the ball’s windings. The result is a longer lasting, better performing ball when playing in wet conditions or extended life in the practice bucket.


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