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Here’s what just a few of Frank’s Sport Shop’s satisfied customers had to say about their experience with us. If you would like to share a testimonial for this page, please use our contact form and use the subject “testimonial submission.” We look forward to hearing from you!

Jonathan Martinez


Very nice and helpful customer service from Elimarie, I’m not sure if I spelled her name wrong but I’m thankful I received her customer service and strongly recommend to others thank you.

Sam Lefkowitz

JCC Association of North America

In case it was unclear with all of the commuting noises happening when we were on the phone, YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!! Thank you for saving the day. Joe P. is the best! We love the tank tops!


East Hartford, CT.

I would like to thank you for the excellent service I received last week by you and your store.

I was desperate to find a David Wright All-Star Jersey for my brother for his birthday this year but was unsuccessful looking in all of the big sports stores (Modell's, Sport Authority, etc.) Next I took my search to the web and still was unsuccessful until I came across your web site where I saw you had it available.

I did not feel I had time to wait for shipping so I took a trip to the Bronx. Although I was a little disappointed when I first arrived at your store and you did not have one in stock, I was blown away by the speed in which you were able to obtain one and ship it to my house just in time for my brother's birthday. I put all my faith in you and you came through (and took care of shipping cost!!!)

Thanks for your efforts in making my search successful. I will definitely be back to your store for any sports jerseys I need in the future.

Angelo Mariani

Cheswick, PA.

Great store, great service, great selection....all your sporting needs and more....largest selection and quantities of merchandise under one roof....blows the doors off the large chains which don't have anywhere near the selection or service....very impressive.


Cary, NC.

Hi,was hunting different stores locally with no luck .I'm a auto technician and on my feet all day.I've been wearing black Reebok for years which are comfortable ,but I developed a feet sweating issue that has given me a fit.I ran across these shoes on E-Bay ,but wanted a better price.I then hunted the net and ran across these guys and decided to give them a shot.Ordered online on a Tuesday ,got on following Thursday and I then sent them this e-mail . Got them today,you guys are awesome !! That was blazing fast and fit perfect! Have added you to my favorite list and will recommend you to my friends .Will also recommend this shoe if I like them,Thanks again, W.V.Griffin

Ron Outlaw

New York, NY.

I ordered 2 schott sweaters on Thursday and on friday I was called to come pick them up.You read it right,my order was delivered to the store the next day.Wow! that fast, really fast service.I'm please to do business with FRANK'S. Thanks again Moe for the free parking pass,it makes life much easier when you shop on a busy st like Tremont. Ron Outlaw

Gary Braverman

Jersey Shore, NJ.

This is simply unbelievable! You guys rock! The Woolrich parka 8241 has completely surpassed my expectations. It’s a knockoff! When browsing the web, searching for this parka, I found this review from a very satisfied customer and after reading it, I quote; Frank's is the best place to buy this jacket, I search the entire web, before I found this web site, with the best lowest price to purchase the parka; Frank’s also offers excellent customer service and a very convenient return policy. With all of the counterfeit goods available on various websites one might think that this place sold fake items. It is a lot of money to shell out for the jacket, and I could tell as soon as it arrived, that it was the real deal! Thanks Frank’s.



Great store, good prices On the search for a fine Woolrich jacked I found out about the place using Google. Catched a Metro and walked to the corner of Park and Tremont. Felt welcomed and Frank helped us in person. What a warm personality! This is a kind of store you should be going to just for the experience only. A big all American store full with the best all American goodies. And besides this very fair prices. For me as a tourist from overseas the experience will be unforgettable! And thank you for the free t-shirt Frank.

Sandra Lusina


After finding out that Frank's had the jacket I was looking for I ventured up to the Bronx for the first time in my life. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the quantity of great stuff they had in the shop and the friendly and pleasant staff. Needless to say that when I next come over from Italy and need some sports gear I'll, for sure, head up to the best sports shop in NYC.

Peter and Irina

Russia, Siberia

I and my wife are from Siberia (RUS). We were in US this august and had a walk in Bronx, we came to Frank's shop. It's nice family shop with very big assortment. Owner is very-very kindly and funny man. We have bought nothing, but Moe gave us gifts anyway) This meeting was one of the most interesting case happened with us in US, and your gifts will remind about it always.

I'd like to say - Thank you very much Moe!
We wish you good health, long years and success in business!

Sally, Tyrone and Jizelle


Hi Funny Guy- Mo

We just want to say "Happy Holidays" !!! have a great new year and.... "muchas gracias" for the laughs !!!
We had fun shopping at your store.

We will remember you and staff in our meditations. Hi Matt :)